PICOR Chem/Pharm® Fittings

To meet the increasingly specialized demands of the chemical and pharmaceutical process industries, Core Pipe has developed a product line of precision buttweld pipe fittings.

PICOR Chem/Pharm fittings are Schedule 10S buttweld pipe fittings carefully manufactured with wall tolerances that are tighter than ASME B16.9.

PICOR Chem/Pharm fittings are true wall not taper bored. Tees are true bored to match thickness and wall requirements.

PICOR Chem/Pharm fittings have square ends up to 4". They reduce fitting and welding time, are more easily aligned than standard buttweld fittings, and are ideal for use with automatic orbital welders.

PICOR Chem/Pharm fittings are in stock through 6" IPS




Other alloys and sizes are available upon request.